The new Sculpsure system is a light based treatment for fat reduction, fat removal and non invasive body contouring. With few exceptions it is appropriate for anyone desiring removal of stubborn fat from areas that are resistant to fat loss from diet and exercise. Sculsure works to destroy fat by raising the temperature of the body fat, while the overlying shine remains protected. It is priced competitively with more invasive surgical procedures and carries the advantage of having no downtime whatsoever. Treatment can be accomplished during your lunch hour. Results are seen in 6 to 12 weeks.

  • The world’s first FDA approved laser treatment for non invasive removal of fat.
  • Treatment accomplished in just 25 minutes.
  • Fat reduction up to 24 percent in treated areas from a single treatment.
  • Adjustable application frames allow for personalized sculpting to meet your exact aesthetic goals.
  • Pricing includes two treatments of each area, six weeks apart, to reach optimal results.
  • Price per treated area decreases the more areas you have done.
  • Can be used to sculpt the abdomen, torso, arms, legs and under the chin.
  • Resulting fat loss is permanent.
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