Nature has given us many health enhancing tools. Even some scary things like toxins can be repurposed for healing and wellness goals. Dr. Springer likes the simple elegance of a product like Botox, a naturally occurring agent that blocks nervous system signals to muscles, useful and safe when injected locally. There are many wonderful emerging uses for this product, but Dr. Springer limits his applications to the cosmetic ones for maintaining or restoring youthful appearance. Injected into the muscles of the face over and around the eyes, we can paralyze only those muscles used for frowning (even when we feel like like it, no sense in those moments creating permanent lines), while otherwise leaving normal facial expressions intact. Patients who have gotten Botox from Dr. Springer all agree that he has a light touch that results in a relaxed and rested appearance. Also for consideration: the earlier treatment is started, the lesser required to achieve and maintain results. As with other things, preventing the lines associated with aging takes less energy than dealing with them after they appear.

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