Hair Removal


How does hair removal work? We utilize the Xeo laser to target the pigment in the hair follicle itself, creating heat that in turn destroys the follicle. For this reason hair removal is possible for most patients except the very blond and when hair has already turned white.

How long does it take to see result? This depends on the density and color the hair involved. At any given moment, some hair follicles are producing hair while other follicles are resting. Since the laser can only target the pigment in the hair, resting follicles escape treatment. For this reason, it always takes several treatments spaced weeks apart to get good results in a treatment area.

What are the costs for this? It depends on both the surface area being treated and how many sessions are required to get satisfactory reduction in hair density. We typically recommend six treatments spaced at least a month in between treatments. More treatments can be added when necessary.

Is there any downtime necessary or side effects? There is no downtime, though we do recommend avoiding sun exposure to treated skin in the period after treatment. There can be some redness, usually just lasting minutes thru the end of the day of treatment.

What does treatment feel like? Like a pinching or pricking sensation, very brief and usually easily tolerated without any anesthesia. We pamper you with ice packs and aloe vera gel during and after treatment.

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