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What is women’s intimate wellness?  It is our delicate way of referring to the health of a woman’s vagina. As with all other tissues in our body, the surrounding skin, muscles and mucus within the vagina all change in integrity over time, losing resilience, tone and moisture. These changes can be aggravated by childbirth and later by hormonal shifts of menopause. In addition to external cosmetic changes, women can experience reduced sexual pleasure, discomfort and related changes to their bladder function.

What can a woman do to restore her intimate health? TempSure Vitalia is a radio frequency treatment that delivers energy to tissues in and around the vagina to stimulate collagen production and restore firmness and tightness.

What advantage does TempSure Vitalia hold over other methods? The probe that delivers energy to the tissues contains a thermistor that measures the temperature of the area being treated. The treatment clock does not start until the therapeutic temperature has been reached and then treatment ends when the proper energy dose has been delivered. This ensures consistent and effective results.

Does TempSure Vitalia hurt or require any downtime? No, the sensation is simply warm and comfortable. Treatment can be delivered in less than an hour, and normal activities can resume immediately, including sexual activity.

Who performs the treatment? After consultation with Dr. Springer the treatment will be performed by one of his female staff.

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