Laser Liposuction


Laser liposuction is a technique that allows for the most significant removal of fat and body shaping that can be accomplished in an office, as opposed to an actual plastic surgery procedure requiring an operating room. Liposuction came into it’s own as a medical procedure during the 1970’s and 80’s when doctors in both Europe and the United States found ways to physically dislodge fat underneath the skin by inserting long tubes called cannulas to both disrupt the fat and then suction it out mechanically. Ultrasound was first used to enhance the fat removal process and then ultimately laser energy.

Dr. Springer performs this procedure utilizing the Beautifill system from Alma. As with older laser liposuction devices, the technique involves tumescent anesthesia. This refers to using fluids containing medications for numbing and reduced bleeding, instilling this fluid under the skin through the same small incision that will be used for the fat removal. The fluid is instilled in the first part of the procedure, loosening up the fat cells while providing numbing for the second part. After enough fluid and anesthesia are instilled, the laser cannula is used to loosen fat cells and remove them by suction. Dr. Springer uses his eye as an artist to help you achieve the desired shape. The entire procedure occurs while you are awake, relaxed and lying down, with all the work done through incisions so small that they don’t even require stitches.

The Beautifill system is distinguished from all other laser assisted devices in that the laser energy is not simply burning, and therefore destroying the fats cells prior to suctioning. This laser provides energy in a way that disrupts intact, healthy fats cells and harvests them in a form that is ready for use immediately in fat transfer procedures. Other systems require more processing of the removed fat, and even separated out the fat cells might not survive transfer with the likelihood available with Beautifill. However, if your only goal is fat removal, Beautifill is still a system that is as good as it gets.


Can Liposuction be done in the office? Yes, this is a procedure that we do in our own office, thus saving the costs of surgery center fees required for more invasive procedures.

Will I be awake for the procedure? Yes, entirely. You will take something to help you relax, but the anesthesia is administered topically, starting with tiny injections. You will feel a pinching sensation with these initial shoots, but minimal discomfort after that.

How much down time does liposuction require? Dr. Springer recommends taking at least three days off from work obligations. Combined with a weekend, these days will allow the treated areas to heal well with minimal bruising and provide the best long term cosmetic result. Patients have reported working from home on the fourth day.

Is liposuction affordable? Surprisingly, yes. For the degree of improvement available, you do not have to pay more than one doctor (surgeon, anesthesiologist) or a surgery center fee. Just one doctor in his office, in half a day or less.

Am I a good candidate for liposuction? It depends. The best candidates have close to ideal body weight and good skin firmness. As with our other procedures, this one is designed for shaping, not as a weight loss solution. However, shaping can be achieved no matter your weight, and we have other solutions to help with skin tightening after the procedure. Come for a free consultation and find out.

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