Body Sculpting: Muscle Enhancement


SWRH continues to offer the latest and very best in medical aesthetic services and Dr. Springer has chosen the best in the newest technologies in this industry, procedures that condition, tone and build muscle. The new truSculpt flex is the best way to build muscle, employing electrical Multi Directional Stimulation build muscle fast, increase muscle tone. As with his other technologies, Dr. Springer chose this one for its combination of effectiveness, comfort and the ability to customize the treatment to your body and goals.

The truSculpt flex has three treatments modes that allow for differing levels of condition. Even someone completely unused to exercise can begin with Prep mode and work through to Tone mode and ultimately Sculpt mode. In each mode, low levels of energy create deep muscle contractions that result in enhanced muscular development. The effect is that of multiple muscle group exercises over time, yet delivered painlessly in under an hour. The effects build over time as well as with multiple treatments. Up to eight muscle groups can be treated in a single session, for truly customized body building.

When combined with our other services, we provide a direct path to lose fat and gain muscle.


Am I a candidate for truSculpt flex? Just about any healthy person is.

How long do treatments last? Just 45 minutes.

What does a treatment feel like? You will feel your muscles contract, a sensation that builds in intensity but not to the point of discomfort.

How many treatments are required? Four treatments are suggested to see the average 30% increase in muscle mass seen in clinical studies. More might be required, depending on your level of muscle fitness to begin with.

When will I see results? Results can be seen after the second treatment; maximal effect will be evident 6-12 weeks after the last session.

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